Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas 2011

Another Christmas has come and gone, and we as a family had a wonderful one.
We're thankful not only for the blessings we enjoy during this time of year, but all year long.  We truly have been blessed.

For Christmas, we packed our bags and headed to my parent's house to spend the holidays with them, and the rest of my family.  We left Christmas Eve, and came home the following Thursday.
And we packed up the most important thing of all. . .
 Christmas morning we got up early, got ready, and went to my parent's church. 
We didn't hear any complaints about not opening presents first, since Brody is still to young to get the jest of things, but next year might be a different story.
 After church, the craziness began.
Brody loved tearing the paper off the gifts, and this year he was also excited to see what was inside!

 My brother Steve, and his girlfriend, Sue.
Steve's working in Washington, but was able to be home for a couple of weeks for Christmas!
 Here's Grandpa checking out his gifts.
 Steve and Sue got Brody a horse that you fill with air, and can punch and wrestle around with (good for a 2-year-old boy with gobs of energy).  Steve blew it up, and we worried that he would need CPR afterwards.  He must be full of a lot of hot air.
 They also gave him a Sit and Spin (I used to love those things), but this was Brody's reaction to it.  For some reason, he refused to sit on it.  Gotta love a toddler's random irrationality.

 Brody's first candy cane experience.  Yum, they're good!
 Sue must think Steve's a pretty special gift.
 My sister, and her family joined us the day after Christmas.  Lauren brought her new "Fur Real" dog, and Brody reeaally liked it.  He's obsessed with dogs, even fake ones.

 Brent was able to spend a few days in Pocatello with us, but then he had to head back to work.  This is his busiest time of year with calving season and all.  Brody and I stayed behind, and hung out with the family for a few more days.
 One night we did a white elephant gift exchange. Nate became the proud owner of an ugly fish vase.  He was less than thrilled, but tried really hard not to let it show on his face.
 Grandpa got a kick out of Nate's reaction, so did the rest of us.
 Brody opened a little bag that said, "You've Been Naughty."  Inside were two lumps of coal!
How cruel!  (Really, he couldn't have been more thrilled with his gift.  He still carries this little bag with the two lumps of coal inside around the house.)
 He looked a little defeated by his gift.
 Naughty isn't the word I would've used to describe him that night.  More like, tired.  He was worn out from all the excitement, and lack of a decent nap.

Here's everyone proudly showing their gifts.  Landon: fish oil, eggs, and some putty. Jason: a brick of cheese. Nathan ended up with candy- score!  Melanie: lip gloss, and candy. Lauren: freezer pops.  Sue: Hamburger Helper, a dog bone, and dog brush. Steve: Old Spice body wash. Dad: a neck pillow, and  Mom: ended up with the ugly fish vase.

Later on, Landon and Lauren gave us a piano concert of Christmas songs they had learned.  And of course, Brody played us a few tunes as well.

 Every day that Landon, and Lauren practiced the piano, Brody did too.  He's such a big boy, and wants to do everything the big kids do.
 Getting ready to take a group photo. This one makes me laugh.

 Love my family!!

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