Thursday, May 24, 2012


I couldn't decide which pictures from Brody's two-year-old shoot to post because I loved every single one of them. So I decided to share nearly all of them with you.
Check out my darling little guy,
and the talented Mrs. AMY NIELSON'S Photography.

 The extremes I go to 
to get a cute picture of my kid.
Yes, I actually bought a bunny, and chicks to accompany Brody in his Easter suit.
However, it worked out to Brody's benefit- we decided he needed a pet rabbit anyway.
Meet Ruby.
 (We now have our own little MAX AND RUBY-- Brody MAX Jones, and his bunny, RUBY.  For those of you who don't know, "Max and Ruby" is a cute kid's show about 2 bunnies.)

Ruby is training to become kid proof.  Brody was playing with her on our back lawn the other day, and when Brent turned around, Brody was carrying Ruby by her ears!  Poor Ruby.

 We found a new home for the chicks- luckily we have some friends who raise chickens, and they graciously took them in. (By the time we were done with pictures I'm sure they needed some TLC, and a heat lamp.)
Chicks sure are cute, and fluffy, but boy do they stink. 
I kept them over night in our laundry room with a space heater next to their box so they could stay warm and snuggly.  Peee Ewww.

Now here's our Cowboy Brody.
His daddy prefers this look.  I'm impartial, and fond of both styles.

 A true, blue cowboy without a doubt.

He is my favorite 2-year-old in the whole wide world.


  1. most definitely one of my favorite little cowboys!!

  2. OH my heck! These are amazing! He is completely precious. No wonder you couldn't choose a favorite. What a sweet boy. (Great work, Amy!)