Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

As a yearly tradition, Brent's family meets at the cemetery to decorate the graves of Brent's mom, and two brothers (Bart, and Bryson). This year it was raining cats and dogs-- that didn't stop Brody from helping Brent clear weeds from the plots.  He was a trooper, and was wet clear to the bone by the time we left the cemetery.

Usually, we have a picnic in the park following the cemetery visit, but since it was pouring we moved our picnic to the church gym.  We ate, visited, and the kids and big boys played some ball.
This is Brody and his cousin, Bryson.

Here are our two oldest nieces, Kortney, and Derelie with our youngest nephew, Cason.

Another one of Brody's cute cousins.  This is Tess.

Grandpa Max was telling a good story, it had something to do with a horse, and he was demonstrating what the horse was doing!

Grandpa Wamsley- Brent's mom's dad.  We don't get to see him nearly enough.
(this is a good reminder not to wear heels of any sort when I know I'll be standing next to Brent. . .)

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