Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Night With the Cousins

A few weeks ago, my sister, and Jason had a late meeting so they dropped their kids off at our house for the evening.
Brody couldn't have been more excited to have someone to play with!

 Brody kept hugging Lauren, and I don't think she knew what to think about it. . . after the 5th or 6th hug!

We made chocolate chip cookies.

Watched a movie.

Brent had to run to the feedlot to doctor a sick cow, and Brody, Landon, and Lauren wanted to go with him.  Nate decided to stay home with me, and we played Jenga, UNO, and Go Fish!
(By the way, I finally got rid of that ugly carpet in our living room. . . by accident.  A few months ago, we had a flood in the wall between the laundry room, and living room.  The pipes were leaking, and damaged the carpet and sub flooring.) 

We played with our bunny, Ruby, for a little bit.

When it got late, I made a bed on our family room floor for Nate, Landon, and Lauren (which they thought was pretty cool), and we and turned on a Netflix movie.  As I was going to bed (I don't know why I went to bed, I couldn't sleep, and kept getting up to check on them), I told them they could watch the movie until they got tired, then they could close their eyes, and their mom and dad would come soon to get them.  Mel said when she got there at 11:30 (trying to quietly sneak in so she didn't wake them), the movie was over, but none of them were asleep- they were all just laying there blinking. Silly kids!

We had a nice time with the cousins!

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  1. Your "accidental flood" sounds a bit suspicious ;) Some of my favorite kids of all time, and most definitely some that have impacted me the most.