Friday, October 12, 2012

Ranch Rodeo 2012

The second weekend in September, Brent competed in a ranch rodeo here in town.
He didn't end up placing in the event, but had a good time, regardless.

Brody, and I went to watch, and cheer him on.

Brody, and his cousin, Mikey, had to be reminded (more than once) not to climb on the fence.
It's hard to remember things when you're two.

All of my clean freak, O.C.D tendencies had to fly out the window that weekend, otherwise, I would have gone
For some reason, little boys (and girls) are drawn to dirt like magnets at these types of functions.

Broden and Brent.

Kinsley, and Brody cheering for their dads as they rode by.

Mikey, is about 5 months older than Brody.  They don't get to see each other very often, so it was nice for these two little cousins to get acquainted.

 Brody trailed along with our good friend's (Daric and Amanda's) little girl, Mya, all night. She's also about 5 months older.

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