Monday, December 31, 2012

World Series Team Roping

Mid- December we headed to Las Vegas where Brent competed in the World Series Team Roping.  It was a huge event, the stakes were high-- The payout was $6 million to be exact.    
Brent and his team roping partner roped 3 times, and they were shy of luck all 3 times.  
Although they didn't take home any of the winnings, it was a big deal to even qualify to rope in the event, and I'm proud of Brent for making it there.  
My parents came to support Brent and met us in Vegas, and it was fun to have them there as well.
I was feeling under the weather (actually, I don't recall ever feeling this sick, or remember being this sick for this long. Whatever I had was a NASTY bug), therefore, I didn't take many pictures.

Here's Brody waiting to board the plane. He really was excited to fly even though the picture says otherwise!
Brent and Broden (Brent's roping partner) drove to Vegas and hauled the horses there, and Brody, and I flew down and met them.  We rode home with my parents and I was nervous about the 9 hour drive for Brody, but he was  THE best 2-year-old little traveler we could ask for.  He did amazing, and didn't whimper or whine once the whole way home.  Not even ONCE.  We were so proud of him.

Ready to take off!

Helping Daddy get ready to rope.

Here we go! Headed to watch Brent and Broden rope, with Grandma and Grandpa.

Brent is entering the arena at the back of the line-- black shirt and hat. He was a basket full of nerves!

Warming up.

Go Dad!

Ready to roll.

And they're off. Broden was the header, Brent, the heeler.


While in Vegas we ate at, well, lots of good restuarants, but one of Brody's favorites was a place called Steak and Shake. We also went to the aquariums at Mandalay Bay, and spent some time in the hotel's arcade playing games.

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