Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Preparation

We started our preparation for the Christmas season by making ornaments for Brody's birth parents.  Brody helped me mix the salt dough, and roll it out.  Then we traced his hand on a piece of cardboard and cut it out. We then used the cardboard cut-out to carve the shape of his hand out of salt dough.  The finished product was a Santa (hand) ornament with a poem about always remembering how small his hands once were.
Brody was a good helper, and looks like such a big boy in these pictures.  He's sure growing up in a hurry. 

After Thanksgiving, it was time to put up Christmas decorations.  This year Brody got to have his own little tree in his bedroom.  He thought that was pretty sweet!

We made our annual trip to Rock Creek to see the Christmas lights and feed the camel some carrots of course. We went this year with our friends, the Matthews family.  Brent and Broden were practicing near Rock Creek that evening for the upcoming World Series Roping (which explains Brent's not-so-cleanly attire), so after they were done with practice, they met up with Angie and I, and our kiddos for dinner, then the lights. 

Check out the string of slobber. Wowzers!  Brody's gloves were still wet and slimy by the time we got home.

The final item on our Christmas preparation list was a trip to see St. Nick.  
Brody wouldn't go near him, and wanted me go with him to sit on his lap.  This was the closest thing we got to a smile. 

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