Saturday, March 23, 2013


At our house, every day is a day of love, however, Valentine's Day gives us an extra reason to show a little extra love-- 
Our favorite love is this guy. . .
 (and I LOVE the sideways mouth thing he does lately)

Brody woke up and was surprised with some loot.

Brent surprised me with some beautiful flowers.
He must love me.

We also put some packages together so we could send a little love
to our loved ones.
Brody conscientiously  painted these Valentine's pictures to send in the packages--
the puppy in the picture must have been a Dalmatian?

This package was lovingly put together and sent to Brody's birth-mama.

 We spent Valentine's evening at home as a family.
We ate dinner together, played some games, and did some snuggling.
Brody also entertained us with a mini fashion show while wearing some of my jewelry and flip-flops.

We like to build "Cooties" (a game he got on V-Day) with our cutie.
Brody calls them "ants."

We sure love this little love. . .
and we look for every opportunity to show a little extra love.
 Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. He is looking so old! And he is so cute! And you are doing awesome with photography. LOVE your pictures. Good job.