Friday, January 30, 2015

August 2014

August was another busy, very fun month.  I love summer and all of the fun things we are able to do outside together.

We went to visit Grandma and Grandpa quite a bit during the summer.

We spent the hot days at the swimming pool, or in the mini-pool in our back yard.

Brody's obsessed with any baby animal, and he loved holding Adams' baby piglet.

My two boys in their Sunday best.

Ryker got his first big boy haircut.  Prior to this, we only trimmed it to even it out.

When you don't have a binky, why not suck on a burp cloth.

Those cheeks though!

We went to the Cassia County fair and met up with our friends, Braylie and her mom, Kona.  Braylie is also Marshallese.

This face has pure joy written all over it.  Brody LOVED the rides at the fair.

But he didn't love the "fun house."  Brody went inside with some neighbors of ours and came out of the entrance about 5 minutes later with a distraught look on his face.

Ryker slept through it all.

Our niece, Kortney, got married in Downey.  This is Brent's youngest brother, Jared, and his fiance, Bailey.

Brody got a surprise in the mail from Grandpa.  He thought it was such a great surprise.
Every time we're at my parents house, Brody finds Grandpa's shoe horn in their bedroom and asks him how to do it.

Too tired to even eat.

Cutest brothers ever.

No words for this one.

We took a road trip to the cabin at the end of August, then ventured to Randolph, UT to see Brent's Grandpa Wamsley.  We also spent some time at Bear Lake.
I love this lake and have so many great memories here as a kid.

My three boys at the cabin.

It was super cold and windy, and the only one brave enough to put on a bathing suit and get wet was Brody.  He thought it was great!

Nooo, don't do it!  Don't eat the sand!

We had our annual Jones reunion and spent one day up at Lake Cleveland.
We fished, canoed, had lunch, and played with the cousins.

I went with the girls from the office on a river trip.

One weekend, while visiting my parents in Poky, we went to Ross Park water park.  Ryker stayed home with Grandma. Next summer he'll be old enough to think it's fun to splash around in the water.

Our handsome baby boy is now 9 MONTHS!
He is crawling all over and pulling himself up to stand.

Cheeks for days.

Yep, he's stuck!

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