Friday, July 17, 2009

A day of fun and family!

Last weekend was my sister's birthday so we celebrated at our house. We invited my sister, and her husband, their 3 kids, and my sister's in-laws over. We all had dinner together and then took a little horse ride around our place. After this, we roasted marshmallows in our back yard. It was a perfect summer evening, and we had a great time together!! We are so lucky to have much of our family live close by. This way we are able spend a lot of time with them, and we can get together for birthdays, and other holidays.

Me, and my nephew, L, roasting marshmallows together in our back yard. He wanted to be careful, and wanted "white" roasted marshmallows, not brown ones!

Happy Birthday, M. Make a wish!!

Our niece and nephews loved every minute of riding our horse "Cougar." They kept asking for another turn, over and over, and they've been talking about Cougar ever since that night. I think they would've ridden him all night if they could have. Brent is so good with the kids, and very cautious with them around the horses. Watching him with them makes me love him even more. He's so good with them, and he has the makings of a great "daddy".

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