Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pioneer Days Celebration.

Last week we celebrated Pioneer Days as our town was settled by pioneers in the 1800's who were heading out west. Every year, during the week of the 24th of July our town has a big celebration to honor the pioneers who settled this area. We look forward to it each year, and this year, as always, had a blast! (Our family was able to be here for part of the celebration.)

The week started off with a demolition derby-- this was the first one and let me tell you, it was interesting to say the least! A little "red neck," but very entertaining. People entered "beater" trashy cars into the race (they had to be 4 cylinder, with all of the glass removed) and they raced around the track while crashing into each other (sometimes purposely), and ran off the track several times. There wasn't much left of the cars by the time they each finished the race. It was pretty insane. The rest of the week included a team sorting, a kids rodeo (Brent was asked to be a judge for this. Our nephew competed in it, so Brent had to have the other judges score him when it was his turn so he wouldn't be biased--but our nephew still won the sheep riding)! There was also an IMPRA rodeo, a dance in the park after the rodeo (with a live band), a "deep pit" barbecue, a marathon (no, I didn't run in this--I wish, but I'm too out of shape!), a play ("Paint Your Wagon"), basketball tournaments, a parade (Brent and I were asked to be judges for this, and were able to pick a winning float) and much, much more!

The celebration ended with an AWESOME firework show after the rodeo Saturday night. Since Brent was helping with the rodeo, (he was helping with the bucking chutes) we had front row seats. We parked a flat bed trailer next to the arena to watch the rodeo, and then the fireworks were launched almost directly above us. It was incredible!! As we were sitting there watching the fireworks, I looked around and just soaked it all in. Brent and I were sitting there together surrounded by our family, and our close friends, and I thought to myself, "This is what life is all about. Being with the ones you love, having fun together, and enjoying one another's company." It was a perfect summer night. I just savored the moment, and didn't want it to end. Sorry, no pictures this time. . . though I wish I would've taken some. Odd for me not to take pictures-- Brent would testify to that!

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  1. Sounds like a perfectly wonderful day/evening!! Thanks for sharing!!