Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Weekend in Lava Hot Springs.

We had a fabulous weekend! We went on a little "get away" with some friends, the Tegans, to Lava Hot Springs which is a really fun place to go in Southern Idaho. We rented a house, and had a weekend full of SUMMER FUN!! We floated the river that runs through town on tubes, and it was awesome!-- Although, some of us got dumped into the rapids a few times, luckily it wasn't very deep. When standing up we could touch the bottom. We played a little miniature golf, and went to the Olympic sized pool/ water park in Lava. At the pool there were speed slides, curly hydro tube slides, high dives, and plenty of sunshine. I used to spend my childhood summers doing these types of things, and Brent and I plan to continue these activities as a family. Our friends were so much fun to be with, and their 3 kids are adorable! Thanks for the memories Tegan family!!!

Brent and Suz floating the river.

We rented a double tube so we could ride together. That way we could save each other if we got dumped out!

The Tegan family. What a cute family!!

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  1. You have the cutest blog ever, I love it!!! I hope you're miracle will come soon! You are in our thoughts and prayers continually! I'm so glad you had a great weekend in Lava and that you were able to get away! How fun!!!