Sunday, August 19, 2012

Reunion Time

Last weekend, we went to Downata for a family reunion on my mom's side- the Stephens Family.  It had been about 10 years since our last one- after Grandma and Grandpa passed away.
It was fun to see every one, and spend time catching up, eating, and playing.  We swam in the pool (and even got Brent to join us at Brody's persistent request- Brent's not much of a fan of the water).

Brody offered lots of hugs to Lauren again.  There's something about that girl that makes him want to hug her.

There was lots of idle chit-chat going on, which is a must at family reunions, right?

By the end of the day, Brent was tuckered out from all the food, swimming, and hot summer weather.

Brody likes to play "buck off" every chance he can.  He's seen a few rodeos this summer, and likes to mimic the cowboys getting bucked off the horses. He ran around the park pretending to buck off of his horse throughout the reunion.

Here are a few more random pictures my mom took with her phone.
My cousin Shawn, and his boys, Wyatt, and Kaden.

Shara Dawn, Suz, Aunt Nancy .

My cousin Gene's boy, Jason.

Mel, Landon, and Dad.

Damon, Scott, Shara Dawn.

Jason, Mel, Dad, Brent, and Suz

Dad, Shawn, Kaden, Scott.

Mattie, and Aubrey.

Brent, Brody, Suz.

Tiffany, Weston, and Shara Dawn.

Steve, and Sue.

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