Friday, August 10, 2012

Back to the Cabin/ Bear Lake/ Rupert Rodeo

Last weekend, we took another trip to the cabin.  We went to the rodeo Thursday evening in Grace during the Caribou County Fair, and also gorged ourselves on yummy fair food.  The next day we drove over to Bear Lake, then Saturday, we got up early to go to the Bar J Wranglers performance, and breakfast.  Later that day we drove towards home to see Brent compete in the team roping at the Rupert Rodeo.  He and his partner had some tough luck, and didn't get a time, but we had fun anyway.

We found our own private island to play on at Bear Lake!

Grandpa helped Brody collect rocks to throw into the water.

Brent waiting, and almost up to rope (red checkered shirt).

Backing his horse in the roping box.

And they're off. . .
 . . . I won't post the next one of Broden missing the head loop. . . ha, ha, ha.

The high light of Brody's night was getting to go down, and sit on Brent's horse with him after they were done roping.

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