Sunday, August 19, 2012

Willing and Eager Helper

At times, getting anything accomplished is difficult with a 2-year-old who wants my full, and undivided attention.  As long as I give him a task to "help" me, things are much easier.  When I'm doing household chores Brody will follow me around saying, "Help you?" or "Brody help!" 
Yesterday, while I was trying to clean up the kitchen, and sweep and mop, Brody was directly in the way until I gave him some "dishes" to do. Then, while I was cleaning the bathroom, I gave him a spray bottle filled with water (harmless), and a rag, and he eagerly sprayed, and wiped the tile floors down.  I did have to remind the stinker more than once, "No, not on the walls," or "Not at Mom, either!"
Truly, I do love having my little buddy right by my side, things just take a little longer (but I wouldn't trade it).

He was so proud!

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