Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Blue Angels Air Show

Last weekend, we went with Kourtney to watch the Blue Angels (U.S. Navy) at the Magic Valley Air Show.
It was pretty spectacular to see, and Brody was fascinated by all of the airplanes- it's so fun taking him on new little adventures.
He even got to walk inside a giant army chopper.

The first part of the show was independent performers.  They had some pretty crazy tricks, and I kept wondering how they did that without crashing.  They did loop-de-do's, and nose dives, and flew upside down. . .

It was a super duper HOT that day-- like 100 degrees hot!  We tried to keep cool with lots of water, and frozen treats.

Brody wandered around looking at the planes in a stupor.
 One of the Blue Angels pilots approached Brody and tried to give him an autographed picture of the planes.  He kept walking, and gave him a sideways look.  So, I collected the picture for him. What a kid!

Lots of snacking took place.
Since this was an all day event, we left for a bit to eat lunch, and cool down in some air conditioning. When we came back, the parking lot we had originally parked in was full, so we were redirected to another parking area that was miles away, and then buses took us to the air show.  However, we had left our chairs there, and they just so happened to be on the opposite end of the show, which was quite a ways away.  Since we had to take a bus, we couldn't take the stroller with us, and Brody wanted to be carried.  It felt like we walked days in that 100 degree weather to get back to our seats.  That evening, both Kourtney and I were sick- we weren't sure if it was because of the heat, or the Cafe Rio we ate for lunch. 

When the Blue Angels performed, I couldn't believe how loud their engines were- but the sound wasn't audible until after they had passed by, if that makes any sense.  A few times they came from behind us, and took us by surprise- Brody about jumped out of his skin, and scrambled to my lap saying, "Get you!" He thought they were after him!
He's been worried about a lot of things "getting him" recently, and I'm not sure where this came from.  At home he worries that "Miney Man"  (Spider Man) is going to get him . . . poor little fella. 
They were really amazing to see, and I was in awe of the skill and technique they demonstrated.  They have thousands, upon thousands of hours perfecting what they do, and it truly is remarkable.

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  1. We wanted to go! I hope they come again soon. These are great photos, thanks for sharing.