Wednesday, January 2, 2013

'Twas the Night Before Christmas. . .

On Christmas Eve some little 2-year-old boy could sense the excitement. Brody was super wound-up and played with, hugged, and kissed many of our Christmas decorations. 

Then he gloved up, and it was time for some rodeo bucking horse action right in our living room.

Not sure where he came up with this, but I must say it made me laugh. Love him.

That evening Kourtney, Brody's birth-mama, was in town, and she joined us for dinner, games and we opened a few presents.

We tried our best to get a decent timer picture-- looking though the series of photos was pretty comical, and this one was the best, by far.

Brody's new Christmas PJ's- a tradition to open each Christmas Eve.

Brody passed out "hats" to each of us.  Mine was the bottom half of a snowman.

I believe my face was saying, "Enough pictures already!"

Christmas treats for Santa, and his reindeer.  It's a good thing Santa isn't too picky because the cookies I made were. . .odd tasting.  Not sure what happened, but something definitely went wrong. I'm thinking maybe the flour was bad???

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