Saturday, January 12, 2013

Warm Fuzzy Jar

Recently at our house, we have introduced a "Warm Fuzzy Jar" as an incentive for good behavior. 
Brody earns a warm fuzzy to put in the jar each time he listens, minds, or does something nice.  We're working on the good choices/bad choices and consequences concept around here, so on the opposite end, warm fuzzies can also be taken out of the jar. Once the jar is full, he earns a reward.  I'm thinking of breaking it down into bite size chunks though, and making marks on the jar so he can earn little rewards along the way to filling it up-- that way, maybe he won't loose interest. 
Right now we're working on putting "just one" fuzzy in the jar at a time instead of a whole handful.
Baby steps, people, baby steps.

Eventually, as Brody gets older we plan to evolve the jar into something more along these lines as told in the following video about serving others.

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